Cool Bobble Head Collection Ideas

With high school graduation just round the corner, many people don’t know what to gift their acquaintances on taking the first step into the adult world. Customized bobblehead dolls are a unique gift that would never go wrong as a gift, which you can find at

Instead of utilizing traditional bride and groom wedding cake decoration toppers you can use bride and groom bobblehead dolls.

Want to give your comic nerd friend or anime obsessed sibling a present on special occasions? Well, Superhero or anime character bobblehead dolls would be a huge hit. K-pop, i.e., Korean pop music and dance, has lately been making waves on a global scale. You can find bobblehead collector’s items on your favorite K-pop artist.

Bobblehead Collection Ideas

Bobbleheads are popular objects that showcase a doll with an oversized head that bobbles when the figure is moved. If you want to start a collection of bobbleheads, you have many options. Here are a few starters:

Super Heros

Bobbleheads of popular action movie and comic book characters from Marvel and DC are an excellent way to demonstrate your devotion. Bobbleheads of superheroes like Ironman or Superman from classic films and comic books are available.

Anime Characters

If you love Pokémon and want your own Pikachu, then buy a cute Pikachu bobblehead. Naruto characters’ bobbleheads are also available. If you love anime shows of sports genre, then purchase a custom made Haikyuu bobbleheads.

Favorite Personalities

Sports Figures

Bobbleheads of your favorite athletes are an excellent way to show your team spirit. Bobbleheads of players from all major sports leagues, such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, are available.

Political Leaders

Political leader bobbleheads have become popular in recent years, with many collectors looking for bobbleheads of their favorite politicians. There are bobbleheads of presidents, senators, and other political figures from the past and present.

Historical Figures

Bobbleheads of historical figures are a great way to express your interest in history; you can find bobbleheads of famous figures from throughout history, such as scientists, artists, and philosophers.

Bobblehead Of Yourself

Consider getting custom bobbleheads made if you want a truly unique bobblehead collection. You can commission a one-of-a-kind collectible bobblehead toy of yourself, a family member, or a friend.

What Are Bobbleheads Made Of?

Bobbleheads are commonly made of epoxy resin, plastic, and ceramic. To provide stability, the head is typically made of a lightweight material, such as polyresin or foam, while the body is often made of a heavier material, such as metal or wood.

A bobblehead figurine is made by sculpting the head and body separately and then joining them with a spring or wire. The head is then painted and decorated with fine details like hair, clothing, and facial expressions to make it look as real as possible.


In conclusion, bobbleheads are cutesy, unique and fun collectible dolls that are enjoyed by people of all ages. You can show your love for soccer with a bobblehead doll of Messi or even decorate your bookcase with a Harry Potter bobblehead. Gift your friend who has landed his first job with his own and personalized bobblehead toy. Check out bobbleheads from Bbobbler.



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