What is a rotavator?

Agricultural activities require a lot of steps to grow and produce different products. Modern technology has revolutionized the era and has provided us with a lot of equipment and machinery. This equipment has reduced the human labor and time to perform an agricultural activity. The rotavator is an instrument used to churn and aerate the soil before seeding it. It is necessary for the soil because it improves its quality and drainage system. It is used to aerate the ground up to 6 inches so that seedlings and roots can grow without hindrance. Garden and field rotavators are very useful; some of the uses are listed below;

Uses of rotavator:

  • It churns the soil and replenishes its quality.
  • It aerates the soil and improves the water drainage system.
  • It allows roots and plant seedlings to grow appropriately in a weed-free environment.
  • It reduces human labor and is used with a tractor.
  • It helps save your time and energy.
  • Its blades can move backwards and forward, increasing its working capacity.

It is necessary to use a rotavator to clear the soil before new plantations. It does not require fuel for working and is used with the tractor. It is used as a replacement for a tiller and leveller.

Types of rotavators:

Different types of rotavators are available in the market. They can be distinguished based on their spinning speeds, blades and usage. They may be light, medium or heavy-duty in size and function. It depends upon your tractor and which type of rotavator is required for proper attachment and working.

How to buy a rotavator?

Many equipment shops and manufacturing industries provide rotavators. Now, rotavators are available online on various websites. You can visit websites to check product quality and customer feedback. If the rotavator meets your requirements, you can easily order online. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the rotavator while purchasing it online. Online companies ensure high-quality products and support their customers.

Are rotavators expensive?

There are different types of rotavators with distinct qualities and structures. They are found in different price ranges according to their specific features. Typically, you can find a rotavator between 900$-2000$. It is valuable equipment and can serve your purpose for a longer time. So, investing in the purchase of a rotavator is never futile if you have lands or gardens, especially for cultivation.

Do you need a rotavator for your garden?

Using rotavators in your garden is necessary to maintain the soil quality and for better grass growth. You can use small or medium-sized rotavators to clear your land of useless weeds. You need to dig a hole 6 inches deep in the ground and start using your equipment from there. It also helps in mixing fertilizer in the soil.

It would be best to be cautious while using rotavators yourself to avoid any damage. It is better to churn the soil when it is dry; this is easier and requires less physical energy. In contrast, wet soil may form clods while stirring.



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